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Late Dr. Thir Bahadur Singh KC

Late Dr. Thir Bahadur Singh K.C, the first Veterinary graduate of Nepal is the dignified inspiration behind the establishment of STAN. Late Dr. K.C is a national hero who compassionately worked for animal welfare movements that shaped the nation's animal laws and policies. Late Dr. K.C inspired his family, friends and everyone else to treat animals with love, compassion and human behavior. STAN was established in 2009 A.D which is registered under Nepal Government Ministry of Home Affairs District Administration Office Kathmandu

Welcome to STAN


STAN welcomes you to a journey of compassion and concern towards animals!

STAN a non-profit making non-government organization working towards promoting compassionate concern towards animals, awareness on animal welfare and immediate response on animal needs. It was established in 2009 in the dignified memory of Late Dr. Thir Bahadur Singh K.C., the first Veterinary Graduate of Nepal. His contribution to the field was a source of inspiration for STAN to work in the field of Animal Welfare. 

The animal welfare organization has hundreds of members including Veterinarians (both Graduate and Post Graduate), Para veterinarians, pet lovers and stake holders. The executive board comprises of a group of Business entrepreneurs, Veterinarians and the forum of Journalists.

Since its establishment, STAN has dedicatedly planned and operated more than 6 projects in dogs and cows welfare. And, the organization looks forward to conducting effective projects to work for animals affected by the massive earthquake towards the middle of the year 2015. 






Animal Project

STAN took an initiation to feed stray animals effected by the massive earthquake

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Towards the path of compassion for animals; towards the path paved by his grandfather!Towards the path of compassion for animals; towards the path paved by his grandfather!

Grandfather's compassion and concern towards animals inspires young animal lover Gaurab K.C!

The man who takes pride and happiness in being an animal lover!The man who takes pride and happiness in being an animal lover!

पशु सेवालाई गौरव ठान्ने के सी

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Animals need love and care as well. Stop animal fighting trend.Animals need love and care as well. Stop animal fighting trend.

Imagine the hurt, the scared, that sad puppy face. Most of think of putting animals in a boxed area, and making them fight to the death. Biting, scratching, pushing, all the terrible thing the animals are forced and trained to do so that they win and don't die. But when an animal does win they are scared, injured, not satisfied.


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They do have storiesThey do have stories

Just the way you and I have stories, they have stories too. And their stories are no less interesting than ours. Their stories are wonderful! If you look into their eyes with love, they will let you read their stories. Let's make time to read all their